Lockdown Diaries

A few snaps of life lately, staying home and trying to maintain structure and stay connected with everyone. I’m luckily still working, adding in bits of yoga and pilates and baking (are you even in lockdown if you haven’t made banana bread)?

  1. We’ve had such sunny weather which is lovely for our walks, but makes it tricky to be inside. Loving the light in the flat.
  2. I’m doing tons of face masks and skincare treatments with the extra time I have. These face masks are a favourite and regular re-purchase of mine.
  3. So many sweatsuits, t-shirts, and if I am wearing a bra it’s a super cozy bralette. I’m obsessed with everything SKIMS, they have the most comfortable underwear and covers all sizes and skin tones. Living in this one at the moment.
  4. Appreciating things I might normally look past in my daily walk/run/exercise outdoors. So many exciting things to come when this is all over.
  5. Also experimenting with lots of cooking, this is a vegetarian eggplant pasta dish. On my weekly recipe rota.
  6. Hair masking has become a more regular thing too – this mask is so affordable and smells amazing. I put it in at night and wake up with the softest hair


6 comments on “Lockdown Diaries

  1. That hair mask smells soooo good, well, if you enjoy bananas! I loved these montage of photos. I really like your aesthetic!

  2. I really loved all of your photos especially the one of with all of the flowers. I have also been doing a ton of face masks and currently need some new ones to try. The ones you recommend look like something my face needs.

  3. I absolutely love your aesthetic! I think that its really cool that you are describing your quarantine with photos! It makes it more exciting of a topic to discuss. I have had the SKIMS bra in my cart for quite some time now and after hearing so many good reviews I finally purchased!

  4. Something about these pictures makes me want to buy or participate in everything pictured!!! Especially the face masks! I love a good face mask.

  5. Ahhh you have the coolest vibe! I’m obsessed with all things skin care, so I’ll definitely be trying out the mask you recommended! Thanks for the gentle reminder to find joy in ordinary day-to-day tasks. Your positivity is contagious! :)

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