Kilim Rug



I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect kilim rug to add some warmth and interest into our very neutral flat. I found this vintage one on eBay and I’m loving everything about it — the design and colors are just the right base to build on. A tufted, charcoal sofa is next on my list of furniture items — hopefully the mix of the classic sofa and the vintage rug will be what I’m envisioning!

If you’re looking for a vintage kilim rug, eBay and Craigslist are great places to buy. Try searching with the keywords kilim, Moroccan, vintage, Persian, or antique.

P.S. Life’s been hectic and thanks so much for your sweet notes and nudges to get back into blogging! I’ve missed it! There’s so much to catch up on — including a trip to Venice which I can’t wait to share with you. xo

7 comments on “Kilim Rug

  1. I’m ob-sessed! I’ve been looking for the perfect kilim, always searching Ebay, but can’t find the colors I’m looking for (like in yours) – so amazing!! Your flat looks so gorgeous! xx

  2. Hi Natalie! Gosh, I’ve missed your posts and impeccable style. I haven’t been very blog focused lately but yours is one I always love catching up on. This rug is stunning and I just love the shot of the sheep skin run overlapping it with your classic pointy toe pumps.
    XO, Gina

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