27 comments on “Little Gold Accents

  1. i stalked those dinner plates forever…and never pulled the trigger. i do that too often.
    and i NEED that decanter! i also really love gold and have multiple cans of gold spray paint just waiting for my next project.

  2. I love gold as an accent–especially around my home! I have a favorite mirror I made that I seriously just want to move from room to room so I can constantly stare at it (not IN it though haha). Your pieces are so pretty!

    The Glossy Life

  3. Hi Natalie! Just discovered you through Holly’s feature! I too was featured on Lovely Little Lots, such a fun series. I am totally jealous that you got your hands on a copy of “I Married Adventure”. Through that alone (not to mention all of the other gorge details of your home) I knew that you were a girl with some serious style. SO happy to be following you now!

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