Floor Mirrors

As soon as we’re settled and done moving around, the first thing I want to buy for our home is a large floor mirror. They open up the space so much and look so glam! 
Do you have a floor mirror in your home? The entry-way ones are perfect!
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18 comments on “Floor Mirrors

  1. I have a boring cheapo one that was my mom and dads for a while and its great but I would really love one that had really pretty detailing, it would add more flair!

  2. we have a floor mirror that I absolutely love. it’s definitely one of my favorite pieces in our home. we used to have it in our living room and all of our guests loved it because, since it’s slanted against the wall, it made them look thinner haha. But we ended up moving it into the bedroom because I worry a kid will come over one day and all hell will break loose!

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