Bathroom Styling

These images have inspired me to work on the least attractive room in the house — the bathroom. I found some seagrass baskets to roll up and store our clean towels. I added some long greenery to the back of the toilet and found a gold tray at a thrift store to display my milk glass collection which holds things like makeup brushes, q-tips, and bobby pins. Loving how those little details make our apartment seem more like a permanent home and less like a rental!
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  1. I agree! looks wonderful. Also, don’t forget chandeliers. They are a great way to dress up a bathroom, (if you already have overhead lighting) and you can take them with you when you leave! And if you have only 8′ ceilings like me, then you can get one that is only 12″ to 14″ tall! I bought a little black one for my limestone bathroom and I love it!!

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