Chalkboard DIY

I found this frame while antiquing with my mom and sisters. A couple coats of spray paint totally transformed it! A DIY chalkboard was on my list of things to accomplish in 2012, and I’m glad to have something small knocked off my list. I’ll be hanging this in our kitchen to keep track of grocery lists and menus for the week. 
P.S. More of my antique/thrift store finds coming later!

28 comments on “Chalkboard DIY

  1. that’s awesome- i just did a post on DIY chalkboard paint today too! a fancy framed chalkboard is on my list of other things i want to transform, so this is just the push i needed!

  2. love this! it turned out so well! i did a small chalkboard diy frame last year and have been loving it! i really want to make a big one for the kitchen to put “the menu” on :)

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