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I’ve been collecting art and frames for a future gallery wall for our apartment. I still can’t decide which route I want to take — black and white? Color? Here are some recent images I’ve pinned for inspiration.

I’m loving Etsy as an artwork resource (love this shop) and I’ve recently found Society6 which has really affordable pieces (obsessed with this and this).
Any gallery wall advice? What are some other inexpensive artwork resources? Any Etsy favorites?
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  1. I JUST did a gallery wall ( and I had the same problem you did – I couldn’t decide on a color scheme, if any. So I ended up mixing it up and I was THRILLED with the finished result. It went a lot better then I expected, and I just winged the entire thing. I printed a lot of stuff out off the internet for free and used a lot of old antique photos and things that were my Grandma’s. In the photos you’ll see we still have a few frames that need filling. I’m definitely going to put more maps in there too! Good luck with yours, keep me updated on the progress!! The hardest part for me was collecting all the frames!!

  2. I LOVE gallery walls, so much. 20×200 has some great and affordable art. Rifle Paper Co. also has some cute affordable prints. For frames, there’s an Etsy shop called 2DogsWoodworking that does rustic frames out of reclaimed barn wood, I’ve gotten two from them that I love! Sarah and Bendrix is another great Etsy shop, a little expensive but really nice stuff. Also made by girl has great prints!

  3. Thanks for this inspiration! I would love to do a gallery wall too once I get settled back into my place…this was really helpful! Good luck with yours!

  4. I love gallery walls too and am currently putting a couple together at home! Leigh Viner is a favourite; also The Love Shop on etsy has some affordable prints. Sarah & Bendrix has gorgeous prints too, but they are a bit more expensive. Can’t wait to see how it turns out xx

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