White walls + dark wood floors
Flowy top + skinny jeans + brown riding boots
Love everything about this picture!
In other news, Matt and I picked up a Craigslist dresser yesterday. Can’t wait to show you! (After a little elbow grease, of course.) 
Happy weekend!

Bowl Collection

Wouldn’t it be neat to have a collection of pretty bowls in your home? I don’t know what I’d use them all for, but it looks so nice. :)

Flour and Sugar Drawers

Found this great idea, (via my fiancé), and I just love it! Ree Drummond, (aka The Pioneer Woman), keeps these drawers in her house for easy access to baking essentials.

The drawers slide easily in and out, so there’s no scooping from big, awkward canisters. Genius!

Read full article here.