london{Cutest London coffee shop.}

paris{Traveling light for a spontaneous day trip to Paris.}

gio{My nephew, Gio, exploring London.}

shelf{Slowly decorating the flat – lots of built in shelves mean lots of fun styling.}

paris view{The view from our Parisian hotel room.}

herbs{Hostess present from my sister-in-law: a start to our herb garden.}

orangery{High tea at The Orangery at Kensington Palace.}

I wasn’t expecting to take so much time off blogging but between the move and getting settled in, and having my sister-in-law and baby nephew visit, life has been packed and blogging has taken a back seat. We’re finally moved into our new place and while I’m missing my sis and nephew {we had a blast exploring London and Paris!} I’m slowly getting back into my normal routine. I wanted to share a few pictures of what my time off has looked like: travel, family, unpacking + getting settled, and loving Springtime in London.

P.S. Can you believe we moved to London one year ago? Time flies!


7 comments on “Lately

  1. Lovely photos, as per usual :) What’s the cute cafe in the first photo? I’ll be in London next weekend and would love to pop by for a morning cup xx

  2. SO gorgeous – your nephew is so cute! Can’t believe you’ve already been in London a year! Looks like you are still loving it, can’t wait to see more of your place! Xx

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