Sorry for the silence on the blog last week. Life has been extra busy lately as all of our free time has been looking for a new flat! We just found out we have to move (our landlord is selling) so after getting over the initial shock (we’d thought we’d be in the same place the whole time we lived in London and really spent time making it our own), we’re ready to take on another change and live in a new area in London. As stressful as moves can be (especially when you’re living abroad), we’re trying to look on the bright side and see the positives in it. I’ve enjoyed little tours of some very cute areas in London (the snaps above in order are Chelsea, Little Venice, Holland Park, Primrose Hill, and Maida Vale.) Hopefully we’ll be settled somewhere in the next few weeks but in the meantime here’s a few things I’m looking forward to.

01. Being settled and having a little more space.
02. Decorating!
03. My sister-in-law and nephew’s visit in May and showing them our new neighborhood.
04. A new blog layout and design that will be live soon!
05. Springtime in London. We’ve had some warm, sunny days and I love them.

Thanks so much for sticking around!


11 comments on “London

  1. Wow I can see how that could be stressful… I’ve recently moved house but it was something we had been planning for months so it was fairly easy. I hope you guys find a place you like soon. I love your photos of London btw. Primrose Hill is so cute. They have the most adorable houses I’ve seen. I’ve never been to Little Italy though. I need to go for a walk there one of these days. Good luck with the move! xx

  2. oh no…I’m sorry to hear about the flat situation. I can imagine that is causing a fair amount of stress. Your pics of London are stunning & I thank you for sharing. I missed you, my friend!

    XO, Gina

  3. Your perspective is great…coming from someone who has moved every year over the last 3 years I understand how stressful and time consuming it is! But I’m sure your new flat will be even better than the last and you’ll get to explore a new part of London! XoXo

  4. That is crazy about you having to move. I hope you find another perfect place soon. Love those photos of London. Reminds me that I want to go back. :)

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