Three Beauty Products

I wanted to share three beauty products that are getting me through the cold weather. There are a few tools and products that I turn to as my skin and hair seem totally different depending on the months — here are a few that I’ve been using recently.

ONE | Aesop Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm | This balm is so good for my hands that get so, so dry in the winter. Especially with how often I wash them {London underground hands, ew} which completely strips any moisture that my hands have. This balm is extremely thick, it takes a while for the skin to absorb it but it keeps my skin so soft. It also smells amazing. very natural and earthy.

TWO | Shu Uemura Silk Bloom Treatment Masque | My hair dresser recommended this to me when I was asking him about getting a keratin treatment done on my hair. He said that the keratin would make my hair too flat and I wouldn’t like it. This was suggested as an alternative to the keratin treatment {and when you’re comparing costs, this masque is a bargain versus the full keratin treatments}. I use this once a week on my hair. There was a noticeable difference the first time I used it {my hair didn’t turn into a NatFro at the first sign of humidity, it kept it’s shape and was really soft} but the more I use it the healthier and stronger my hair gets. It also smells delicious! I will keep buying this, it’s definitely the best treatment I’ve found for my giant, frizzy hair and the price is totally worth it.

THREE | Burberry Fresh Glow Fluid in Golden Radiance | Skin can tend to get a bit ashy in the winter months. I mix this in with my foundation {just a little bit goes a long way} to add in a little more color and a fresh, dewey look. I love it! I wouldn’t recommend it for very oily skin as it could start to look greasy — mine tends to be dry so it works ok for me.

What about you? What beauty products do you incorporate into your routine for winter?

5 comments on “Three Beauty Products

  1. I’ve heard about this hand cream, but it’s good to read your thoughts on this. Sounds like a perfect hand cream for ‘the London hands’! One of the products I love using in winter is a Rosehip Oil – I mix it up with my face moisturiser and I’ve noticed that my skin looks a bit plumpier and not as dry as it used to.

  2. Oh I LOVE Aesop. Oh my gosh it’s one of the best. And such cute branding too. I have been using a lot of coconut oil on my face at night lately. Keeps my skin from getting too dry.

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