Postcards from Portugal Part II

 Our last two days in Portugal were a bit more relaxing and less touristy than our first two days. We spent all day Saturday biking along Portugal’s gorgeous west coast, it was absolutely breathtaking. We stopped for lunch on the water at a delicious seafood restaurant where we both tried delicious traditional Portuguese dishes recommended by our waiter. We flew out Sunday afternoon, but Matt snuck in an early golf game and insisted that I spend the morning at the spa — I didn’t argue. :)
Portugal was incredible — friendly people, amazing food, and {obviously^^} gorgeous scenery. It’s definitely a perfect place for a relaxed vacation away from everything, we hope to be back again someday! 
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  1. Never got a chance to leave a comment to say how much I loved these photos. I’ve never been to Portugal so you allowed me to see its beauty with these gorgeous images. It is definitely on my list of the places to visit soon!

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