Happy Weekend

I’m so glad the weekend’s here! This one will be extra fun — two friends that I’ve been close to since freshman year of high school are visiting. It’s been super fun showing them our city and I’m so happy to have a little bit of home here in London. 
A few linkitys to look through over the weekend:
+ Loved reading this little tidbit about NYFW vs. LFW.
+ I’m in total fall recipe mode and this and this are on my meal plan for next week.
+ This gorgeous leather jacket looks insanely expensive but is only $70.
+ This blog is the cutest thing I’ve seen and keeps making me tear up.
+ If you’re not already, follow along: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram.
Have a great weekend!

3 comments on “Happy Weekend

  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! There’s so much to see in London. I’ll be there in a couple of weeks for work, and I am beyond excited to see one of my favorite cities [and do it for free]!

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