Inspiring Me Lately + Thoughts

{Perfect summer outfit: a printed blazer + an LBD}

{Anything citron}

{Chic + edgy: a leather mini + summery sandals}
A few randoms:
+ Our move to our flat got pushed back slightly so we’re in temporary housing for one more week. I’m getting so antsy to have our own stuff and feel settled! I can’t wait to start posting about our flat and our awesome neighborhood.
+ We saw this over the weekend and it was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. Love French films!
+ Speaking of French, we’ve decided to {attempt} to learn another language while we’re living in Europe! We’ve heard great things about Fluenz, any other suggestions?

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7 comments on “Inspiring Me Lately + Thoughts

  1. I love that outfit in the first picture! Can’t wait to see your posts about the new flat and how you decorate. I’m sure it’s going to gorgeous. Hopefully this week will fly by for you and you’ll be in your own home before you know it. I would be antsy too…

    XO, Gina

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