A Hair Story

Lately I’ve been getting some really nice comments and emails from readers about my hair. I always have to read twice when I see these comments because I’ve never really liked my hair — let’s talk about this.
This picture was taken sometime in the early 90’s. It was a particularly bad hair day — my hair is naturally curly and was normally in cute ringlets, I promise. But on this day I got tired of curls, so I decided to brush it out, hoping it would become straight. Instead I got what my siblings have affectionately named, “The Natfro.” And my hair sometimes still looks like this. The Natfro is never far off.
It wasn’t until high school that I finally embraced my huge volume and curls. As curly haired girls know, brushing it out when it’s dry is one of the worst things you can do. 
Here is my current hair routine. And it probably will be until 80’s hair comes back. 
Shampoo | A hairdresser got me hooked on ColorProof CrazySmooth. I love it! It definitely helps smooth down the frizz that my super curly hair likes to create.
Conditioner | I’ve been using drugstore stuff lately — anything sulfate free like this or this.
Product | Just a little Kerastase Oleo Relax when it’s wet and a bit of Rodin hair oil when it’s dry.
Tools | I swear by my Hot Tools curling iron
Cut | I ask for long, seamless, face-framing layers.
Color | I recently had Balayage done. The stylist used brown bleach for the highlights.
To see my hair currently, click here or here.
Anyone else out there have a Natfro equivalent? Would love to hear your tips!

16 comments on “A Hair Story

  1. You have lovely hair! To me it doesn’t matter how “big” your hair is as long as it’s healthy.

    My hair is not curly enough to call it curly, and not straight enough to call it straight. On top of that I have sensitive scalp so I use a shampoo and conditioner from my local aromatherapy store. If I feel like it, I’ll flat iron it or curl it, but most of the days ponytail is my go to hairdo.

  2. My 4 year old has the adorable ringlets and she tries to brush it out so it’s like the Disney princesses and the effect is like that first picture. I hid all her brushes from her and she still finds something to frizz it out with. One day she will learn the curly hair rule like I did. I use argan oil but need to try some of your products. I’m in a hair rut!

  3. Ahhh the brushing-out of curls… been there! (My poor, perfectly straight-haired mother didn’t know how to help me!)

    Nowadays I live for Moroccan oil (who doesn’t?) and the Tresemme hair gel, the only combination that seems to tame the frizz! Definitely going to try out the Kerastase product, though — Radley makes fun of me because whenever I meet someone with curly hair, I ask which products they use… ha!

  4. This post is everything. (especially the throw-back-thursday photo)

    I typically like to blame my own 80s-90s fro on poor lighting and inferior camera quality. We have really come a long way…its tough living in a straight-hair’ed world. I think we are currently winning (not that its a competition—what am I saying…yes it is).

    I’m definitely going to try some of those products. Thanks for lookin out for your curly-headed followers.

  5. Awww you are precious! I have naturally wavy hair but it’s not exactly pretty wavy…it’s more like hot mess wavy unless I blow dry it! I use a Beach Spray + Moroccan Oil before I dry my hair and it helps smooth everything out and decrease any frizz! I haven’t tried the Rodin oil?!

  6. The fact that you are that young in the 90’s makes me feel old. Thanks for the tips. I have stick straight hair and don’t even need to blow dry it. It’s sooooo boring. I do add a little Oscar Blandi glossing cream to make it extra sleek. I really need to invest in some Rodin products immediately! xo

  7. hahaha, i personally love the nat-fro in all of it’s glory! i am still hoping that june or one of our next babies will get some of your and clif’s pretty curls. i’m intrigued by the rodin oil, wondering how it would work for straight hair?

  8. Lol!! I totally had a frizz fro back in the day! Pretty sure that was the style back then…well maybe :-/
    I use some Aveda products and a Croc flatiron, works magic for this mane I’m working with! Hope you have a wonderful weekend girl!

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