Bag Crush

Lately the Givenchy Antigona bag has been catching my eye. It’s a gorgeous bag but J.Crew’s Tartine satchel has a similar shape and style for a fraction of the price– perfect for a girl on a budget!
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20 comments on “Bag Crush

  1. This Givenchy bag has been in my dreams for such a long time – it’s absolutely beautiful and in such a timeless and classic shape. Good to know J. Crew offers a similar one – thanks for letting us know!

  2. I am obsessed with that Givenchy bag too…and since my luggage got stolen I feel like I need a new bag to splurge on! Haha maybe it should be this one? It’s gorgeous! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. This bag has been on my wishlist for awhile now and it will be mine at some point this year! I can barely decide on which color though… The Kate Spade “Catherine Street Pippa” bag is also really similar – even more so than the J. Crew version and just a bit pricier!

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  4. Love both the G and J Crew bag! So gorg! I saw the clutxh version at TJMaxx last week and was shocked, but it was still over $1000, and you better believe I’m not spending $1000 on one thing from that store – evein if it is Givenchy, lol.

  5. Love that bag girl! Not quite as much as your blog though!! This is my first time and I am in love! I find myself wanting to comment on every post haha! I love love Olivia Palermo. It must be amazing to look like her and have her budget! Will def be following you!

  6. Love love love the bag!! and the outfits are great too!! You can never go wrong with all black – i’ve gotten great style tips from TheStyleUp with a daily outfit email that also tells you what the weather will be like for the day. Olivia Palermo has shown up a few times as my StyleUp for the day and I’ve haven’t been disappointed.

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