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I promised myself I wouldn’t be behind on Christmas gifts, wrapping, and cards this year so any down time I have has been dedicated to holiday prep. We had a holiday party at our place this weekend and I love our leftover flowers (in a Nate Berkus vase). Every year we send out picture cards (from Minted) to close friends and family but these MoMA cards were too pretty to pass up!
And on two random notes: I’m loving these booties (also here) that I’ve been wearing with everything and these Kelly Wearstler pillows are my new fave. KW can do no wrong. 
Hope you had a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. Yay, those pillows look amazing!!! And I am dying over those Christmas cards. I was not able to wrangle my husband into presentable attire to do Christmas cards this year…the year went by too fast!! And I loved that you used Kraft wrapping paper, I did too! And I got my first mean blogger comment saying it was UGLY…I have officially made it! haha

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