This Week

 This week I:
+ Felt really lucky that I found this vase on Gilt. I’ve had my eye on it forever and I was so excited to find it at such a great price.
+ Made these cookies. So delish.
+ Finally got around to framing some old pictures of my grandparents.
+ Ordered Wen and I’m looking forward to trying it. I’ve heard great things on blogs and Youtube — hoping it’s as amazing as everyone is saying! 
Have a great weekend! 

19 comments on “This Week

  1. That vase is amazing…I get emails every day from all those online shopping sites but I am so bad about actually looking at what is on sale! I guess I should start!! And those cookies look delish-much better than how my compost cookies turned out! haha

    And I keep reading all this stuff about Wen so definitely let me know if you like it…

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