Peter Pan Collars

Have you tried out the Peter Pan collar trend yet? I was kind of scared at first because it reminded me of this but I think when done right it can be super feminine and cute.
My picks:
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30 comments on “Peter Pan Collars

  1. Have a post prepared just like this…haha! I am loving the peter pan collar! I think it’s so feminine and unexpected!! Not loving the pilgrim costume so much though-reminds me of Thanksgiving parties in elementary school when they made you dress up! haha

  2. I have a few shirts with peter pan collars and they’re so fun–I find I like to pair them with tougher pieces so they don’t seem quite as sweet. I’m currently on the hunt for a peter pan style necklace to add over sweaters for fall!

    The Glossy Life

  3. haha you crack me up nat, i never would have made the connection between peter pan collars and pilgrims! just add some glitter to it and away goes the pilgrim! ;-)

  4. i actually really like this look, but i’m a bit scared too. i did get a top with a lower cut neckline with a peter pan collar — so it might be a little easier to pull off. we’ll see!

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