Jewelry Storage

After seeing these images I definitely need a new system in my jewelry organization. Right now my necklaces drape over our antique mirror, so if I want one in the back, I have to take them all off. My bracelets and smaller accessories lay haphazardly in a vintage mirrored tray. I love the idea of having a small jewelry vignette, with a jewelry box {check out Etsy for really pretty vintage options}, necklace tree, and organized tray for holding brooches and smaller accessories. 
How is your jewelry organized?
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12 comments on “Jewelry Storage

  1. I’ve been collecting vintage, all-glass boxes for my jewelery. I’ve got several so I can separate them by jewelery type (earrings, bracelets, etc). It’s nice because I can see what jewelery is where without even opening the box and I stack them to make room since they are all different sizes!

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