I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions, but I had several ideas that had been building in my head these last couple weeks. Here are a few of them:
+ Update our dining chairs (I’m obsessed with these)
+ Create a gallery wall
+ Make a chalkboard out of an old mirror
+ Find and style a bar cart

+ Workout 4-5 times a week
+ Drink (closer to) 8 glasses of water a day
+ Take vitamins everyday 
+ Read a few books a month
+ Be more bold about wearing lipstick and heels
What are some of your 2012 resolutions?

14 comments on “Resolutions

  1. your resolutions sound alot like mine :) on my list is to drink more water, work out more and read more books instead of spending so much time on the computer! I didn’t think of making resolutions for my home, but i totally should! great idea!

  2. best of luck on meeting your goals this year!!

    i’m working on updating our home as well. i love that color of green on those chairs!! i would also love to find an bar cart so if you find 2 please let me know! ;)

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