1. New sparkle dress by Alice + Olivia. Do I have someplace to wear it? No. Did that stop me from buying it? Not in the slightest. 

2. Typical pizza. My half: lots of veggies, his: lots of meat.
3. Cutie.
4. Inspired by Sara to get this book. Love it.
5. Missing this little bugaboo.

29 comments on “Lately

  1. i absolutely love that dress – it’d be perfect for a new years party :) also, i’m going to have to check out that book… i’m always looking for advice on classic staples to invest in for my wardrobe, since my favorite thing to buy are tights & tops/dresses i end up only wearing once…

  2. SO jealous of that dress! I’m gonna have to convince hubs we need to do something for new years so I can buy a sparkly dress (I guess I need a little more convincing than you… again, jealous!)

  3. Hello LOVE that dress! You can wear it for anything really. I always buy things that sit in my closet but one day you will need it and there it will be!

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