Mint + Rose

Such a gorgeous color combination.
For the mint rose water: mix 2 cups of cool water, a quarter teaspoon of rosewater, two sprigs of mint, and a few rose petals. 

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23 comments on “Mint + Rose

  1. I absolutely agree! My great-grandmother’s living was painted mint green (like, the trim, the walls, built in bookshelves, all of it) and she had a dusty rose colored sofa… so gorgeous!

  2. love the color combo and the rose/mint water sounds so refreshing now! thanks for following, I’m excited to follow along on your blog too! :)

  3. I love your pretty blog! The mint and rose colors look fabulous together. They are so vintage/chic. Oh, and I must add that you and your husband make one gorgeous couple! :)

  4. This color combination is so pretty! Pink and green were my wedding colors though by accident. I had to add pink roses to our bouquets last minute.. it worked out even better than my original color scheme.. thanks for the reminder..

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