Hair Scarf

When we went to the beach last weekend, hair was completely out of control. Wind + salt water and my hair do not mix well. For next time, I’ll be wrapping my hair up in a scarf like these (Madewell always has some gorgeous options).

images onetwothree, fourfive
Have a happy weekend!

21 comments on “Hair Scarf

  1. what a cute idea to put up your hair. you will have to take a photo and post it next week, bet it look darling. have a great time at the beach and stay away from the 405 ;-) stupid carmaggeodon, personally i think they are playing it up to be some big hype and it wont be anything major at all but i’m just saying… meg

  2. hair scarves are a definite must have while at the beach! my hair gets all crazy too and scarves are the only thing that keep it under control…love your blog too!

  3. I love this look but sadly I don’t have one to work with! I do however have a wrap around headband thing that I got for free from ModCloth a few years back so I’ve been sporting it tons this summer!

  4. ooohhhhh i love this look. I want a convertible if only to tie a scarf around my hair and wear obnoxiously large sunglasses a la audrey hepburn

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