Simple Weekend

{ New cap-toe flats. Gap, via Ebay (my new bff). }
{ We finished these Krispy Kremes embarassingly fast. }
{ My favorite store. }

20 comments on “Simple Weekend

  1. those flats are gorgeous! i’m always worried to buy shoes online because i can’t try them on until they arrive. do you go to the store first to find out what size you are and then order them?

    life spelled jen

  2. Oooh Krispy Cremes. Yummy!

    I remember growing up in Oz, we’d always hear about Krispy Creme on American TV shows, but never had it where I lived, so I would always wonder what the big fuss was about. Then when I moved out to the US in 2002, I tasted some for the first time. The perfect donut, if you ask me!

  3. Jen – Yes, I tried on some Gap flats so I’d be sure to order the right size, that’s always a risk with Ebay! Such great deals though. :)

    Natasha- We do have a Madewell close by, I’ll have to do a review or a store tour one of these days!

  4. Christine- I don’t think they’re a current Gap item, but maybe keep checking up on Ebay? I’ve found tons of no-longer-in-stock stuff via Ebay, it’s the besst!

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