When I moved across the country after I graduated, I purged through my closet and got rid of a ton of stuff. As I was going through it I realized that there were so many things that I had bought impulsively at the store and worn once or twice, only to realize that I didn’t like it. A recent goal of mine has been to be purposeful about the things I purchase. This list is helping with that, and I feel like in the past few months I’ve been a lot more scientific about my shopping. Sounds weird, but it’s true.

Instead of going shopping to look around or browse, I’ll go in short doses, with one or two specific goals in mind. This keeps me focused and allows me to not get overwhelmed with all the other things around that I don’t need.
I’ve been saving inspiration pictures of different outfits that I like. It makes it sort of a fun challenge to re-create a look that I like, on a budget that works for me. I’ll keep the pictures on my phone or in my purse so I always have it handy.
Rather then spending a lot of money on trends, I’m focusing on investment pieces that I know that I can wear for a long time. 
Do you have a method to your shopping? I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure these things out, I’ve noticed a huge difference already.

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  1. That is a really good method. I usually window shop at first and only then decide if I really need that item or not! Happy day, darling

    Ps: I’m hosting an adorable shoes GIVEAWAY later today! Just in time for spring!

  2. I am exactly the same as you. I have written on a post-it note “dont fall for fast fashion” because in the past i have always bought things ill only wear once and then hate it. And yes, i also save inspirational photos of looks i love, so i know the exact thing i am looking for. its so easy to get overwhelmed with all the amazing stuff out there, so i find my new scientific approach to shopping is working too :) x

  3. I’ve been doing the same thing. I have piles of clothes to be consigned and so many have never even been worn. After college, I bought so much so fast in a hurry to “build up my wardrobe” for the working world. Now, in a combined effort to save money, I am being much more intentional with the purchases I make. I think about them and make sure I want to invest, and then shop around to find the best price/quality combination. When I finally gettbe piece, I love it so much, and appreciate it way more than I used to. Ok… I think i might need to do a post about this!!

  4. I am just at a stage where I am trying to find out what really works for me. I too have tons of inspiration pictures and want to make a list of must-haves that are still missing in my closet. Carrying the pics around is a good tip – shall have to do that instead of hoarding them up on my laptop…

  5. That is such a good idea…to keep pictures or a list with you in your purse.
    I am in the process of purging my closet. So I’ve made a deal with myself. If I buy a new piece of clothing…I need to get ride of one item of clothing that I don’t wear anymore. At least this is starting to help me think twice about buying and it keeps my closet from getting too full.
    Great post! Good inspiration. :)

  6. We just sold our house and while moving my clothes were the biggest pain to move. There were so many things! I never realized it until I pulled everything out of my closet. Since then, I haven’t really wanted to shop and it’s been great! I’m being more purposeful too :)

  7. I wish I was like that all the time. I still occassionally buy impulsively. But the older I have gotten I have learned to save and invest in the nice pieces I want. For say, one nice Tibi dress instead of 10 cheap forever 21 tops. I know I will wear that dress for years to come. Guess we are maturing!

  8. I’m ready for spring cleaning — because I’m about to do some serious closet purging. There are things in there that still have the tags on!
    But in the meantime, I’ve been a lot more deliberate with what I buy. And carrying around that matchbook list everywhere I go!

  9. I was the exact same way! And sometimes can even still be like that. When I go shopping now, I really think about whether I’m going to wear and LOVE wearing the item- sometimes I’ll put things on hold and if I’m still thinking about them, come back later to purchase. I often find that I end up purchasing only one or two pieces versus the 4 or even 5! It saves my pocket too :)

    This spring, my closet for sure will be in line for some spring cleaning!


  10. So funny but so true! I’m trying to do the same! Sometimes I’ll go crazy and buy a ton of sale items – it makes me feel good that I got a lot for my money – but then I’ll only wear those pieces a time or two. My goal is now quality over quantity!


  11. Such good things to keep in mind! I find that if I go to somewhere like Target, I’ll just buy clothes b/c they’re so reasonably priced…but then I rarely wear them. I would be MUCH better off buying nicer pieces that I’ll wear more often. HMMM! Good food for thought!

  12. great tips. i’ve been looking for a guide list like that… i heard tim gunn has incredible list of “10 things every woman needs”.

    would love to see what you’ve been finding! xo

  13. I am doing the same big purge this year too! When my hubby and I moved in together, I realized it was time to really sort through everything. It was crazy how much stuff I didn’t like/wear anymore. My birthday is coming up, so I’m doing a big shopping trip for my present:-)

  14. I’ve been trying to cut down on the impulse and buy more versatile pieces. I love trying to re-create looks. My favorite challenge is my no-jeans policy. I used to wear jeans all of the time! I love love love wearing tailored pants, skirts, and dresses now…you almost instantly look ten times dressier :)

  15. That’s really a good way to go! I am so weird, when I go shopping, I have to go by myself because it’s my biggest pet peeve to stand around waiting for my friends to finish trying on stuff haha. I go in, I pick out what I like and buy it. No trying on, no waiting around haha.

  16. I need to START shopping with this mentality or otherwise I end up grabbing armfuls of crap I don’t need and/or like. I love your list. I need to follow that next time I hit the mall :) MUAH! xo

  17. I’m so with you on this Natalie. It is so easy to get caught up spending money on trends but to create a truly timeless wardrobe its definitely better to spend more on investment pieces that will last more than one season. It’s so tempting to spend though, I have to try and be disciplined! xx

  18. This was interesting to read! I had to put myself on a shopping ban until March…and actually – if I just don’t go walk around the stores in Old Town or go to the mall, I have no real desire to buy things…and I think if I went with intentions that would help also. Good point!

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