Dining Chairs

After our first successful Craigslist find, I began perusing it again in an attempt to find a set of four chairs for our dining area. And I found these girls:

I started having serious doubts after we brought them home. I really started questioning myself and my “furniture eye.” The lady we bought them from was horrified when I told her I wanted to repaint and possibly reupholster them. But that well-worn, brown look wasn’t for me.

After a coat of primer, two coats of paint, and some new fabric, here they are now. I’m so pleased with the result!

{Requested} Some during photos:

After removing the seats (ours screwed out, but I think most just pop out), and some primer and paint.

Originally, I bought this fabric but I wasn’t too crazy about it. Nothing inherently wrong with it, but it just wasn’t quite right. I ended up returning it.

Reupholstering! We left about two inches around the edges to staple. I held the fabric while Matt stapled. I highly recommend using two people for reupholstering, it made it much easier.
This is the final fabric. For some reason it’s always out of stock (I kept checking up on it and got lucky before it quickly sold out again) but I recently found a similar fabric (for slightly more expensive) at Calico Corners.

51 comments on “Dining Chairs

  1. oh my god, i am in LOVE with them! they look amazing! you are diy genius, seriously. everything you find, you do a 360 to them and they look absolutely perfect!!

  2. Natalie!!! These chairs turn out gorgeous! You were spot on to paint them white…they have a distinctive chiavari feel to them. And love the fabric choice…I am just so impressed that you did it all by yourself!! Love.

  3. And this is why I adore you!! These are amazing Nat!! They look so gorgeous and professional and perfect. And I’d like to come over for dinner please so I can sit in one. And so we can talk over wine and cheese!! xoxo

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