Kilim Rug



I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect kilim rug to add some warmth and interest into our very neutral flat. I found this vintage one on eBay and I’m loving everything about it — the design and colors are just the right base to build on. A tufted, charcoal sofa is next on my list of furniture items — hopefully the mix of the classic sofa and the vintage rug will be what I’m envisioning!

If you’re looking for a vintage kilim rug, eBay and Craigslist are great places to buy. Try searching with the keywords kilim, Moroccan, vintage, Persian, or antique.

P.S. Life’s been hectic and thanks so much for your sweet notes and nudges to get back into blogging! I’ve missed it! There’s so much to catch up on — including a trip to Venice which I can’t wait to share with you. xo

Operation Bar Cart

{Sorry about the outlet and cords, ew.}

I was looking over my New Year’s resolutions that I created at the beginning of 2013 and realized that a small goal I set was to turn our bar cart into a full, working bar cart. It hit me that I’ve failed horribly on this one — part of it had to do with our big move across the pond, but it’s pretty clear that this is nowhere near being as fab as it could be. It’s sort of turned into a place to store random things that don’t have anywhere else to go, with a bottle or two of pretty liqueur {which we have yet to tap into.} This said, I think 2014 will be the year of the bar cart and I’m looking to Pinterest for lots of inspiration on how to fill it up. I’ll be starting with this pretty bottle, this shaker, this tool setthese straws. What else should I add? Thoughts? 

Around the Flat

{Fun new pillows: Bonsoir ones from Urban Outfitters, leopard one from Arianna Belle}
{Beach print framed and ready to be hung}

{Current favorite vignette}

{Gathering my shoes for a fun organization DIY coming up. Always fun to bring out my favorites: these are by Stella McCartney}
{Dining nook in the morning: I love the light!}
A few of you have been asking for a flat tour — we are still working on a few things but I wanted to share a few sneak peeks. :)
Hope you had a lovely weekend!

Chair Makeover

Remember these guys? I bought them on Craigslist last Fall and asked you all for some input on what should do with them.
I love a good DIY but these were a little more challenging than I had anticipated. The wood wouldn’t take normal stain and I wasn’t feeling painting over the wood so I thought we were stuck. After a little research, I finally found gel stain and it worked like a charm. 
After staining it I took it to a local upholsterer and had them re-cover the chairs in West Elm’s dove gray velvet. It’s such a gorgeous fabric!
They’ve made it all the way across the pond and they’re perfect in our little flat.

What do you think?