Our Engagement

Someone asked me the other day how Matt proposed. Here is our story.

Matt and I had a long distance relationship. Flying back and forth so much, we were used to flights being delayed and canceled and had learned to be flexible with traveling since getting to each other was a little more challenging than in most relationships.

Our engagement was one year ago, this weekend. I had just returned from a semester abroad in Australia and had started my senior year of college. Matt had been planning a trip out to visit me, but there was a huge ice storm that came through, shutting down all flights out East. But Matt was insistent about this visit. He ended up booking a flight into an airport two hours away, and decided to rent a car and drive on the icy roads to come meet me at school. I thought he was crazy, but didn’t suspect anything at this point.

Matt and I met at a coffee shop. Since the beginning of our relationship, coffee shops were always a big part of our dating life. No matter what city we were in– Matt’s home town, my home town, my school town, while I was studying abroad, we always found a coffee shop that we’d go to right after our flights. It was our place to rest, have alone time, catch up, and be together after weeks apart. We grabbed coffee and I started studying for a chemistry test. Matt was acting super antsy and sweet and giddy. I had never seen him act so weird!

I wish I could remember everything that Matt said to me, but he had the sweetest speech. My heart started racing and all I could think about was how I was going to start crying because I had seen things like this in the movies, and I knew Matt was going to propose. Matt got on one knee, held the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen, and asked me to marry him. (Later Matt said he was so nervous he felt like he was asking a girl out for the first time– adorable).

The ring is a diamond in the center, with smaller diamonds going around the band. It’s super sparkly and Matt and I designed it together, which makes it so special.

Of course, I squealed a yes and gave him a huge hug and a kiss. It truly is the best feeling. Like you’re on top of the world.
I started making phone calls to my family. First, my mom. She let out this huge scream! I called my brother and sister-in-law who lived about thirty minutes away from where we were. As I was calling them, they walked into our coffee shop. I was surprised to see them, but not shocked since they live close by. They told me they wanted to come by and take pictures and celebrate with us. They started taking pictures, and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around, and it took me probably a full ten seconds to realize that my entire family (three brothers, three sisters, mom, pop) had driven ten hours in the snow and ice to come be with Matt and  I for our engagement. Matt had called my dad to ask for his blessing and to propose, and at the same time asked them if they would be able to pull off driving the ten hour drive to be with us on our engagement day. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much love. It was exactly how I pictured a proposal: Simple, with my entire family around afterwards to celebrate. 

Thanks for reading our story– still so fun to think about and share!

Happy, happy weekend!

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