Operation Bar Cart

{Sorry about the outlet and cords, ew.}

I was looking over my New Year’s resolutions that I created at the beginning of 2013 and realized that a small goal I set was to turn our bar cart into a full, working bar cart. It hit me that I’ve failed horribly on this one — part of it had to do with our big move across the pond, but it’s pretty clear that this is nowhere near being as fab as it could be. It’s sort of turned into a place to store random things that don’t have anywhere else to go, with a bottle or two of pretty liqueur {which we have yet to tap into.} This said, I think 2014 will be the year of the bar cart and I’m looking to Pinterest for lots of inspiration on how to fill it up. I’ll be starting with this pretty bottle, this shaker, this tool setthese straws. What else should I add? Thoughts? 


I love Pinterest just as much as the next gal but lately I’ve been thinking of creating a real-life pinboard to have a more physical source of inspiration. I always thought it’d be perfect for an office, which our tiny one bedroom flat obviously doesn’t have, so I’m thinking of having a girl corner near my shoe storage {although Matt would argue the whole flat is a girl corner — still working on mixing in masculine with my feminine decor}! Here is a fab tutorial on creating a pinboard which I’m planning on working on in the next few weeks. To be continued. :)

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Kitchen Love

I came across this image via Pinterest and fell in LOVE — everything about it. I love the herringbone floors, the gorgeous mirrored cabinets, and the patterned wallpaper. Many of us are not at the stage in life where we can customize everything about our kitchen, so until then: here are a few items to help get the look:


{via Waiting on Martha — obsessed with this entire space!}
This weekend will be: a fun DIY project {which I’ll be sharing on the blog soon!}, yoga, and lots of relaxing and recharging.
To check out over the weekend:
+ I loved this piece that Casey wrote on expat life. I can relate to this in so many ways.
+ Everyone in London is wearing leopard sneaks. Love this super affordable option.
+ This is amazing {have tissues ready!}
Have a great weekend!