A few photos from my camera role lately:

ONE// I’ve recently found this jewellery shop and love all of it, everything is so delicate and beautiful quality. I also love that they sell earrings as single, perfect for extra piercings. I got a single one of these for my cartilage.

TWO // Enjoyed the last day of summer warmth at the ponds at Hampstead Heath.

THREE // I’ve been loving buying second hand and recently found two Maje tops that I love, and both massive deals. I think the trick with eBay is consistent searches since new things are popping up all the time.

FOUR // Fall in London is my favourite, I love the colors and crisp air, it’s so refreshing!


5 comments on “Lately

  1. This weather makes me break out all mine and my boyfriend’s sweaters. I love taking his sweaters and glamming it up with some nice makeup and some jewelry <3

  2. Oh wow! I love the idea of only having to buy a single stud for the extra piercing – and what a gorgeous one you picked! I also love shopping on Ebay – it is almost more satisfying that finding the perfect item at a thrift shop, because you’re searching through so many more “racks” for the best deal!

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