Lille, France

A few weekends ago we drove to Lille, France for a long weekend {it’s still so crazy to me that we live in a place where we can drive to France}. Lille is so gorgeous and sort of a smaller, super friendly version of Paris. The shops, food, wine, cheese, pastries, are all incredible and we even stumbled across the cutest cafe with two French guys singing the Louisiana blues {talk about niche}.

In true French fashion, many of the shops and restaurants were closed {many of them close or have very limited hours during the summer months}, but it wasn’t hard to find a good croissant and cup of coffee or glass of wine. We didn’t plan anything and just wandered around getting lost and discovering little corners of Lille. I also loved the people-watching! Everyone looks so effortlessly chic in France – no one wears distinguishable designers or labels, it’s all very tailored and good quality without being flashy and over the top.

If you ever get the change to go to Lille, go! Friendly people, good food, good shopping, and an easy holiday where you don’t have to plan too much because the whole city is gorgeous. Can’t wait to go back!

{P.S. What I’m wearing: backless top, Iro jacket, Rag & Bone boots, Saint Laurent bag}.

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  1. Girl, you are so stunning. Thank you for brightening up my day and stirring up my wanderlust with this post!

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