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I’ve been on such a kick lately with buying and selling gently used clothing. After realizing I wasn’t wearing a large percentage of my clothes, I started doing some research around sites I could list items that I bought but knew would get so much more wear in another girl’s closet. I also found that a lot of the sites were great resources to find last season’s clothes that are no longer available in the shops, but were still on my mind {those Zara court pumps that everyone and their mom own? Yes, please!} Plus, everything’s like 50% off! It’s sort of a win-win. Here are five of my tried and true sites to buy and sell pre-owned clothing.

01. eBay | I’ve spoken about my love for eBay before, but this is probably one of the most reliable ways to sell clothes that are no longer wanted. There’s a huge fashion community on eBay and I’ve had the most luck selling brands like J.Crew and J Brand here. I’ve also found tons of amazing designer clothes at a huge discount {Tibi, Isabel Marant, you name it}. I have a set of saved searches that I browse every once in a while to check on new listings.

02. Vestiaire Collective | This one is a bit more niche in that it’s only designer items that are accepted. I’ve sold a few things {and sold them very quickly after listing them, bonus}! Vestiaire take a higher commission {up to 33%}, but there’s a much more fashion-savvy community on here. I also have bought tons of things from Vestiaire! All of the items are thoroughly checked by the Vestiaire team before they’re sent onto you so you can rest assured that everything is 100% authentic.

03. Poshmark | This is a U.S. only site {you have to have a U.S. address to buy or sell. I have things shipped to my mom and have a big stack of new things when I go back home!} There is SO much on Poshmark and it’s sort of like a shopable Pinterest or Instagram {easy to get sucked into mindless browsing}. I’ve found a few things on here though, including a dry-clean only top that I owned, accidentally put in the wash, and wanted to replace. I found it brand new on Poshmark {and for way cheaper than I paid originally}.

04. Threadflip | Similar to Poshmark, this is a great boutique-like app that is super easy to navigate, buy, and sell on. They make it really easy to browse by designers – and there’s a huge selection!

05. Depop | My new favorite way to buy and sell is through this app – you can upload pictures of your item through your phone, write a simple description, connect your PayPal so users can purchase straight through the app, and you’re done! It’ s almost too easy. I was hesitant at first but I listed about 20 things {including some makeup I wasn’t using} and sold several items within the first week. It’s also a great place to stalk the closets of your favorite bloggers {like Chiara Ferragni and Song of Style}.

I know there are wayyy more sites and apps to sell and buy pre-owned clothes. Any other ones you’ve tried that I should know about?

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  1. So good! I’ve been waiting for this post :)

    Poshmark is awesome – I’ve made almost $900 in the past month selling things I haven’t worn. I am kind of addicted now too. And I just placed my first order on The Real Real for a LV wallet – I’m hoping its as good in person as it looked online. Thanks for the heads up on a few other sites I haven’t seen yet – can’t wait to check out DePop!

    • Amazing! I’ve been wanting to try The Real Real, have been tempted so may times. And defo check out Depop and let me know what you think!

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