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Like many of you, my beauty regime is constantly changing but these are five things I’ve been using consistently and have been incredibly impressed with lately!

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer | I’ve been looking for something between a heavy foundation and going completely without makeup and this tinted moisturizer fits the bill perfectly. It is super light weight and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any makeup at all when it’s on. I use this Kabuki brush to pat it on and it leaves my skin smooth and glowy {but not greasy!}

Hair-Vit Capsules | After a recent bad haircut where the stylist took the liberty of chopping off several inches rather than my requested amount {and also leaving me with the front pieces of my hair looking like weird antennae – grrr!} I was desperate to try a few things that would make my hair grow back quickly and healthily. I massaged my hair with coconut oil and castor oil, but I also tried these Hair-Vit capsules, assuming they couldn’t hurt as they’re full of B vitamins, amino acids and iron. While it’s hard to tell if it was the vitamins or a placebo effect, my hair has definitely felt thicker, healthier, and has grown back several inches in the few months since my dreaded haircut. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in the growth of my nails – they’re super strong!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder | This is my new holy grail product – I’ve bought it several times and it’s too good not to share with you. It adds a really subtly iridescent effect to my skin and it doesn’t look powdery at all. It sort of gives you a candle-lit look all the time – definitely worth the money! I like the shade Dim Light the best.

Makeup Artist’s Choice 5 Acid Body Peel | I was sort of weirded out by this product at first as anything with the words acid and peel make me nervous. This is such a good peel though, and I’ve been using it weekly to exfoliate, deep clean, fade scars, and brighten my skin. I thought I’d be peeling for days after this, but you just wash it out in the shower and come out with beautiful, super smooth and bright skin. Definitely a new favorite.

What about you? Any new tried and true beauty products?

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  1. I became a recent fan of Sunday Riley’s Good Genes and Luna oils. I’m also a huge fan of Supergoop’s Defense Refresh Setting Mist with SPF 50.

  2. I always love reading new beauty favorites! I’m very intrigued by that peel – I have to give it a try. And I’m usually hesitant too because I don’t want to be flaking skin off for days. Love the photo too!

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