Life Update

 I’ve definitely been neglecting this little space of mine lately, but it’s for good reasons, I promise! This summer has been amazing weather-wise and I’ve been totally soaking it up. Last weekend we went on a date to Primrose Hill (for any London locals, this is such a fun and chilled out evening or date night idea): we grabbed wine at one of the local wine bars then afterwards hiked up Primrose Hill in Regent’s Park and sat at the top to watch the sun set. Primrose Hill is one of my favorite little spots in London and the views at the top didn’t disappoint. We had fun trying to find our offices, our flat, and all the landmarks — it’s such a perfect, panoramic view of the city. If you haven’t been, go! Of course I had to include an image of a delicious meal we had at the local gastropub. We’ve been loving it, and been feeling totally British have a Sunday roast at the local pub. I also wanted to share a quick peek at our flat, while we were dreading the move a few months ago, it’s turned out to be such a positive thing and we love the space we’re in. Our summer nights are spent out on the deck drinking red wine and watching the sun go down over London.

Hope your summer has been wonderful, whatever part of the world you’re in!

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  1. I’ve been missing your blog so much – glad to see this update! Your flat looks seriously stunning – like something you’d only ever see on Pinterest, lucky girl! Xx

  2. These photos just make me happy. I bet London is just incredible and I’m so glad to hear your move went well and you guys are getting settled.

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