Moving In

london flat

Matt and I have successfully moved into our sixth home in three and a half years of marriage — and we are so happy and relieved. We now have an extra bedroom and a lovely deck which means more comfortable entertaining — come visit! More updates on the flat soon.

13 comments on “Moving In

  1. Oh my! This looks gorgeous. The view of the neighborhood through the window is just perfect, quaint and dreamy.
    I can’t wait to see more pics;)
    XO, Gina

  2. I am so glad for you :) I have moved 9 times in 5 years it’s really tiring thinking about it but then it makes me realise that I do so much clearing out of my stuff and then it makes me feel a bit better :)

    Hope to catch up with you soon and with the other girls who were at the Everygirl meeting it has been so long! I am going with Tola to the J.Crew event next week maybe we will see you there …

    Take care,

    xo S.

  3. How exciting!! Can’t wait to see more pictures. I’m sure with your good taste that it’s gorgeous!

  4. Yayy, congratulations! It looks lovely and I love how you’ve arranged this little corner by the window. Can’t wait to see more photos xx

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