After spotting that bikini and falling in love with the colors I knew I needed to include it in one of my wish list posts. While admittedly more of a neutral girl, I love a little color when it’s done right. Envisioning a getaway to Mexico with this wardrobe in my suitcase…

10 comments on “Color

  1. Natalie!! Decided to come and check on you as your feed stopped being updated on feedly. I guess it’s because of the site update, but you should look into it because I know that it can be fixed and some of your readers may be missing out! Anyway, updating the feed and glad I decided to check!! I seriously need those LR sandals!!

    • Thanks so much for flagging, Gaby! I just checked and it seems to be working ok — is it working for you now?

  2. so many pretty things! Those Loeffler Randall sandals are so cute! Tulum would be the place to wear that bikini! I need to start my shopping for my Morocco trip!

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