After not being too sure about this look I think I’m convinced it’s actually pretty cool — in certain situations, of course. With so many budget friendly options out there, why not give it a shot? I think I’ll be trying it on warm weather vacations with loose dresses and skirts. What do you think? Would you rock Birks?

6 comments on “Slides

  1. I can’t…I’m having trouble getting on board with this one. I’m sure like you said in the right situation or on the right person but I don’t think you will catch them on my feet!

  2. OK I was working on a similar post but your layout is SO much cooler than mine. Haha! Also..I have a pair of black birkenstocks and I just feel like I look like a European tourist. haha! But they are classic and super comfy! Love the Marant ones too! xo

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