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Since we’ve moved to London I’ve done several major purges of my closet. The J.Crew neons and polka dots haven’t made the cut and instead I’ve been saving and investing in pieces that will stand the test of time, and a lot of these are neutrals. I feel the most comfortable in classic colors and I think this round-up of pieces proves that neutrals don’t have to be boring at all. Some of my favorite brands with non-boring, neutral pieces are Equipment, Theory, Vince, and Alexander Wang.


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  1. Yes! I love my neutrals! I recently scored a pair of leather leggings from Club Monaco on major sale and although they are faux, they are super comfy. Blush and light blues are my neutrals for spring. But I agree the neons have to go. A reason for why I recently returned my J.Crew flats.

  2. Completely agree. I bought quite a few colorful things last year and i’m always gravitating towards neutrals so I have been getting rid of lots in my closet. I admire how selective you are with your purchases and it has definitely motivated me to do the same. Looking to invest in more classics so I love these posts you do!

  3. Neutrals, I will never be able to part with them. Blush & beiges are my favorites by far. I love the neons, but only at certain times. I feel like they need to wait until Summer & let Spring have the neutral shades! xo

  4. Awesome post, Natalie. I share the same philosophy about neutrals. That Alice & Olivia pouffy peplum top is too cute. I love all the items you picked here.
    Happy weekend, my friend!
    XO, GIna

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