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{Had a work event at the beautiful House of St. Barnabas.}

{A Pinterest find: Greek yogurt, some peanut butter and honey, a splash of vanilla, sea salt, and chocolate chips. So good! Gold spoon from here.}
{Stopped by Rose Bakery at Dover Street Market.}

{Bought this Rocco bag in a pretty navy nubuck — it’s lovely but I’m debating on returning it and investing in something more classic.}
Hope your weekend was wonderful!

11 comments on “Around Here

  1. Natalie! this post is just overflowing with lovely things. First, the bag you bought is so stunning. I would keep it, because it is so unique, the color is gorgeous and I think it is the perfect piece to pair with classics. I don’t see it as something you’d get sick of and it is still very classy and luxurious. I love it!
    Also, thanks for sharing this yogurt recipe. I usually put a teaspoon full of natural organic PB, honey, cinnamon in my plain FAGE yogurt. This sounds like a fabulous variation that I’m going to try asap.
    XO, Gina

  2. Love the bralette! And I’m on a yogurt kick so must try that dessert! And if you are having second thoughts on the Rocco bag, I would advice to return and invest in something more classic like you say. Although it is lovely. If you absolutely love it, keep it! Decisions, decisions.

  3. Love your Blog Natalie! BI’ve been following for awhile now but this is my first time saying hi! Wondering where you got the adorable spoon (or cutlery set) from that’s in the delcious looking yogurt?!

  4. Loving the sound of this yoghurt recipe – I have to give it a try, I’m sure it will satisfy my sugar cravings! And this Rocco bag is stunning – I personally love the colour, but I agree that a black version is classic and more versatile. But either way, both colours are stunning!

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