Plaid + Other Thoughts

Just some randoms for your Tuesday:

+ Plaid — a trend that I can totally get on board with. There’s something so familiar and warm about it, don’t you think? This Stella sweater is the ultimate but shop a few more {wallet friendlier!} picks below.
+ Breaking Bad. We are just now getting into this {so late to the game} but we’re hooked! I don’t want it to end! Any ideas for shows to start watching when we’re finished with Breaking Bad? Shows that appeal to guys and gals? {Try as I may, I just can’t get Matt into Pretty Little Liars.}
+ Vestiaire Collective — My new favorite online store. I’ve added it to my morning routine of checking in on my favorite sites and blogs. Some of my favorites: their Chanel espadrilles, anything Isabel Marant, and of course their handbags {these and these being top on my “stalk” list.}
+ In looking for the perfect slouchy t-shirt to layer under blazers and jackets I decided to try something inexpensive and basic: these babies from H&M. I ordered one size up and I love them — they’re such a perfect, drapey material that lays nicely. No guarantee on the quality here, but at that price I can’t complain too much.
+ Portugal! We’re leaving in two weeks and we’ll be in Lisbon and Cascais — if you’ve been and have any tips on what to see and do while we’re there, let me know!

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14 comments on “Plaid + Other Thoughts

  1. Loved Breaking Bad. Definitely the best television show I have ever seen. Another couple television show we liked is The Bridge. Season 1 has finished and I am not sure when Season 2 starts. Hope you try and like.

  2. We are watching Breaking Bad too! It has consumed our lives for the past month. We are already on season 5 and I’ll be in a dark place when it ends. If you guys haven’t watched Game of Thrones, it’s a good guy/girl show and it’s fantastically made. Our list after BB is House of Cards (on Netflix) and Homeland. Another good Netflix series is Orange is the New Black – you’ll finish it in 2 weeks.

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  3. We are also watching Breaking Bad, currently on Season 4. We LOVED House of Cards and Homeland. We also started watching Weeds recently (talk about late to the game) because we’d never watched it. The shorter episodes are nice, and although we’ve heard it gets weird toward the end, it’s entertaining at the moment!

  4. I LOVE that Stella sweater so soooo much. I also wouldn’t mind if I had those plaid Celine skater shoes, but since both are more than my life savings, I’ll probably just head to Zara. haha. xoxo

  5. I must say we couldn’t get on board with Breaking Bad…I know so many people like it but it just wasn’t my thing! On the other hand I’m loving all things plaid right now too! So many cute options for fall!

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