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Welcome to the new and improved nataliemerrillyn.com! {I’m now a .com — woohoo!} I was so ready for a change and had long outgrown my old design, a huge thanks to Amanda who helped me put the new one together. Hope you’ll bear with me as we’re still working out a few kinks and I hope you like the updates!
A few of you gave me the idea to do an all-about-London post to talk about our lives here, pros and cons of living abroad, that sort of thing. I thought it would be fun for to give anyone a chance to ask specific questions about London living so I can answer them in a fun post down the road — feel free to leave a comment with a question, email me, or tweet me

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  1. I’m so excited to read your post! My hubby and I may have the opportunity to be stationed at Lakenheath (about 1.5 hours away!) so I’m super excited to learn more about the area.

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