I recently had a massive realization about Converse — they can be so chic when done right! I’m loving these bits of inspiration, they way Jules styles them is my favorite. I’m thinking I need to purchase a pair before our Paris trip — it’d be so comfy walking around the city in them. Do you own a pair?

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18 comments on “Chucks

  1. I’ve been eyeing up a pair of Superga’s for months – I have no idea why I haven’t pulled the trigger. I think they’re perfect for city exploring and so cute.

  2. I have a pair and love them! So funny to think that I’ve been wearing chucks for soooo many years! Back in high school I had a turquoise and a black pair, now I own just a pair of black high tops but I’ve seen that the white ones are really trending ;)

  3. The white chucks are so clean with all these looks! Never realized how versatile they are, but I do know that it makes me really happy when I catch them on some fabulous feet. I have them in grey and I adore them…though for hoofing around a big city, I have to use insoles. <– Old lady alert! ;)

  4. Natalie, when Wilson and I were in Paris in May, I was shocked at how many French girls were wearing chucks. I thought they’d all be wearing Bensimons! Definitely pick up a pair before your trip.

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