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A lot of bloggers have been doing a Five Things post and after I was tagged by the lovely Tiffany I thought it might be fun to participate. I’ve used my blog primarily as a source of inspiration and less about me, but I love getting to know other bloggers — hope this allows you to get to know me better as well!

1. I’m one of seven kids.

I am the second oldest of seven kids, four girls and three boys. The age gap from the oldest to youngest is only twelve years {can you imagine birthing seven children in twelve years? Shoutout to my Mom!} so we all grew up pretty close. Every time we get together it’s like no time ever passed. Though growing up with lots of siblings was fun, I think our family will end up being a little smaller. ;)

2. I’ve always wanted a pet pig.

After my mom sewed me my very own pig {Twinkie} when I was seven, pigs became my favorite animal. I had a million stuffed pigs when I was little and have always wanted a mini pig as a pet. I look on Craigslist sometimes, but since we’ve always lived in cities and pigs need to be outdoors and able to run around, it has never quite worked out. I totally imagine buying it little shoes and walking it around the city, but I’m not sure how practical it really is. I mean just look at these cute little things!

3.  My freshman year of college I got an insane form of mono.

It was the sickest I’ve ever been. It started out as your basic mono and escalated into a form of hepatitis, where my liver and spleen became enlarged ten times the normal size. I was in bed and wheelchairs for a few months because doctors were afraid they may rupture. I made a full recovery, but being on bedrest and in hospitals made me incredibly thankful for good health — I try to never take it for granted.

4. I play the violin.

I started in fourth grade and became hooked. I played violin in two youth orchestras during high school and we got to go to England, France, Estonia, Finland, Russia, and Spain to perform. It was such an incredible experience. I played for weddings, etc. in college. I still play a little bit and I still love it, I’d love to start taking lessons again. I secretly want to just tour around the world playing my violin — maybe someday.

5. Me and two girlfriends camper-vanned around the island of Tasmania in five days.

This is still one of my favorite memories. When I was studying abroad in Australia, me and two of my girlfriends decided to rent a 20-foot campervan and camp around the entire island of Tasmania {just off the coast of Australia}. My parents and Matt, who I was dating at the time, were super worried and and were strongly advising me against the trip {we had no cell service in Tasmania}. I did it anyway and it is still one of the coolest things I’ve done. We kayaked, hiked, explored, got stranded, got rescued, and drove that camper van around the entire island in five days. #YOLO, right?
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  1. Wow, that must have been so scary Natalie (getting that sick!). Camping on a van is so much fun, that must have been such a great experience! Kudos to your mom, I only have one and I’m not sure I can jump in for a second one!!

  2. Oh wow, seven kids is insanity. BUT you’re never lonely right? Reminds me of the Kardashians… as ridiculous as they may be, they have such a close family and are so supportive. And I’m obsessed with those mini pigs. I’d be so jealous if you got one!

  3. Love these 5 things posts. I had pig! But she wasn’t mini and grew so fat and huge. Once she dug all of the grass out of my in-laws backyard they gave her to a petty zoo. A mini one would have been perfect.

  4. I loved catching up on your 5 Things and getting to know you a little better! I, too, caught mono in early college and it was no fun but your experience is beyond words! I’m happy you came out of everything healthy, Natalie! Jeesh! And you Tanzania adventure sounds like a once in a lifetime gig- how fun that you did it with all your pals!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  5. I want a pet pig too!!!!! I started wanting one after I watched the movie “Babe” ages ago. My husband isn’t very into the idea though, which is so rude I think. :) Also, you’re my hero for playing the violin. It’s my favorite instrument and I would love to learn to play it one day. I loved hearing more about you!

  6. okay so i found a pig post on CL a few days ago and i thought it was the weirdest thing ( one of their notes was that the pig was not to be “used for consumption”) but now, i wish i could have gotten it for you! maybe in england you can get your own little babe?!

  7. crazy! i got Mono my freshman year as well, and pretty much the same thing happened to me. i couldnt even walk, and i wasn’t allowed to go to class or even carry my backpack!!!

  8. What a fabulous post – it’s great to know you a little bit better. Your mono story sounds pretty scary, I’m glad you got out of it healthy! My brother also always wanted to have a pig and I’m pretty much he still wants one, even though he’s settled and got a baby :-) Some dreams never go away, do they?

    I also did this tag on my blog as I thought it was fun to read everyone else’s posts – feel free to have a look at it here: :)

  9. Love the post! I always wanted a cute little piggy when I was little! (But I’m scared of all animals!LOL!) Where did you get the white desk/bed thingy?! love it. need it.

  10. Love the post! I always wanted a cute little piggy when I was little! (But I’m scared of all animals!LOL!) Where did you get the white desk/bed thingy?! love it. need it.

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