We are headed to London for a quick visit today! M’s company is hosting us and we’re so excited for a quick European vacation. I haven’t been to Europe since high school and I have major butterflies {although I’m a little nervous about the super long flight and super crazy time difference. We’ll probably adjust to the jetlag just in time for our flight back on Sunday!}
So, sell us on London. What should we see and do while we’re there? I know we’ll have plenty of time to do everything after we move there, but we want to enjoy the city and get a good feel of what it will be like. 
I have a few posts scheduled and will be back next week with a full re-cap! In the meantime feel free to follow along on Twitter and Instagram

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  1. I love The Breakfast Club, which has 4 cafes around the city – it’s perfect to grab breakfast at any time during the day! Their pancakes are to die for… Monmouth Coffee, Shoreditch Grind and The Workshop Coffee are perfect for, well, coffee! And don’t forget to see Tower Bridge – it was the first landmark I ever saw when I first came to London years ago and it’s still my favourite spot in the city. Looking forward to hearing about your impressions, have a wonderful trip!

  2. I wish I wrote down all the places I went while I was there but now of course I can’t remember! Definitely go to a good ol’ English pub, drink beer and eat classic English food…eat indian food, there’s a lot of cute sidewalk cafes, and the only place I DO remember – Galvin at Windows for a fancy dinner and a view of all of London. Literally breathtaking. Go early and have drinks in the lounge before dinner so you can really take in the views! Have so much fun! xoxo

  3. I interned in London and love going back any chance I can – so jealous of you!

    Since you’re only there for a weekend, skip the major touristy things that you’ll have plenty of time to see when people come visit you.

    I would check out a show in the West End and make reservations at a fun restaurant (you must book tables in London – they look at you like you’re crazy if you just walk up and ask for a table like we can do in Dallas) and do some shopping at Portobello Market after breakfast at a cafe in Notting Hill.

    Check out Lauren at Aspiring Kennedy or American Girl in Chelsea for suggestions on where to eat and what to do. Both live there and do lots of posts about the city.

    Safe travels!

    P.S. I am addicted to eating at Pret. It’s kind of like Panera and so delicious and cheap (for London, anyway).

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