Fur for the Bed

I’ve started noticing a theme in my bedrooms I’ve been pinning: most all of them had a {faux} fur blanket at the bottom of the bed. I’ve mentioned before {here and here} we are investing in a new bed and bedding once we move, and I think a faux fur would be a great way to add texture to the room. Right now I’m thinking:
I’ll be updating with my progress!
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19 comments on “Fur for the Bed

  1. Love fur blankets at the foot of the bed! I’m currently trying to switch up my bedding and I’ve just had the hardest time finding something I feel like I commit too. I’ve come to the realization that I’m most likely going to end up with just a white duvet cover with a fur blanket at the foot. I just keep coming back to that look!

  2. I love this look…I feel like it makes the room have such a cozy and inviting feel!! Note to self: invest in a fur throw!! Maybe I could shave Harper and use her polar bear fur to make a blanket! haha

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