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Today the wonderful Erika is filling in for me. Erika is the author of one of my favorite blogs ever — if you don’t read it you are missing out! Take it away, Erika!


Hello, it’s Erika from small shop, a.k.a. BIG fan of Natalie and her style. With the fall season officially in full swing, I thought it would be fun to take a look at one trend that’s on everyone’s checklist: the burgundy bag. In any size — and from hues grape to wine — it seems like you can style it up with just about any neutral, and make your outfit that much richer.

small: $275 / $275 / $156 / $235medium: $495 / $395 / $350 / $448large: $525 / $395 / $525 / $360
Will you be rocking the burgundy bag this season?

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