Operation Eyebrows

I’ve been totally inspired by pictures and pins of girls with really full eyebrows lately. I haven’t ever had super thin eyebrows, but I want to be more conscious about them when I get them waxed, and how I take care of them. It’s amazing what a difference having great eyebrows makes on your face! Here are a few tools I’ve been using to help maintain them.

14 comments on “Operation Eyebrows

  1. I’ve never had super-thin eyebrows (although I really hate the shape of mine- no arch!), but I always fill mine in to try to make them look thicker. #6 is a must-have tool for brushing them up and keeping them in place.

  2. I had my brows re-shaped a few weeks ago but they are already getting crazy again!!! That eyebrow razor is great in a jam and I love all your “filler” picks!! xo

  3. So true! Your eyebrows can totally transform how you look! My best friend and I literally held our other friend down in high school so that we could pluck her eyebrows. She had never touched them before and they were BUSH-Y! After we were done with her, she literally could not believe her eyes! haha hadn’t thought of that in years! Great post, as usual :)


    Holly Foxen Wells


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