Tulip Tables

Our old dining table just broke, so we’re on the hunt for one that will fit in the smaller apartments we’ll be living in for the next few years. These tulip tables are perfect, and I can see them turning into a breakfast nook table when we graduate into a bigger house with a bigger dining table. 
Get yours here.
$179 version here.
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20 comments on “Tulip Tables

  1. so sweet:) we have a little one in our kitchen. it’s the best size for the little space and it’s cute to look at:) those pictures are just darling!

  2. great price on that ikea one! i have developed a new love for tulip tables, i was on the fence for a bit, but have officially signed on!

  3. We have a tulip table that has turned into our breakfast nook table in our new house. They’re really perfect for small meals, because everyone just seems to sit around and chat at them.

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