I love the look of big, square glasses. My problem is — I’m not even close to needing glasses. What are your thoughts on wearing glasses without needing them? Is it ok to wear the frames and treat them just as another accessory?

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  1. hmmm, i think it’s a touch weird to wear them without needing them (but that’s bc I need them!) But i can see how that is changing these days. Glasses really have become so much cooler than they were when my 12 year old self cried for days after being told I had to start wearing them.

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

  2. although I wear glasses because my life depends on them ( seriously, i am SO blind) I think glasses are completely acceptable accessories! stop by claires, icing, or f21 and pick up a cute pair :-) i’ve been wanting to take the plunge and just buy myself prescription nerd glasses :-)


  3. i say do it! i used to “wear” glasses before needing them (i also used to put paperclips in my mouth before needing braces…strange, i know) but now i actually do need glasses and have not been loving my current ones. i love these bigger, “nerdier” frames – thanks for the inspiration to upgrade!

  4. i love the look. i actually need and have glasses but never wear them so i can’t even justify buying and wearing glasses that don’t have a prescription. but some friends wear big frames all the time and it looks absolutely divine!

    life spelled jen

  5. I am blind as a bat, so I definitely wear my glasses as an accessory and am so happy that they are now “stylish.” I love the look of big square glasses, but they just don’t look right on me! I have tried them on 1,000 times thinking they will look different each time. Never works…

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